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About Us

Writers by nature and marketers by trade, we live to develop and promote stories that lead to business results. That’s simply who we are here at By McCormack Public Relations.

Why should you care? Although the art of storytelling is an ancient one, it’s never been more relevant. In today’s information-crazed world — where decision-makers are constantly bombarded with a cavalcade of competing messages — it’s the truly captivating stories that get all the attention. Read more…

Content Marketing for Healthcare IT Companies

Our healthcare IT content marketing services will turn your company’s story into a fascinating read. We’ll work with you to pull out all the important details about your service or product and then come up with the right words to make it resonate with key decision-makers.

Because we know so much about the healthcare IT industry, we can hit the ground running. We can quickly come up with engaging, thought-provoking stories that truly hit on key industry trends and issues. Read more…

Public Relations for Healthcare IT Companies

Healthcare IT companies need to lean on communications professionals who truly understand the ins-and-outs of a complicated industry. That’s where By McCormack Public Relations shines. With our deep experience in the healthcare IT industry, we can get your company the results you need in quick order.

Because we specialize in healthcare IT, you will never have to explain the challenges associated with electronic health records . . . or decode acronyms such as ARRA, HITECH, HIMSS or HIPAA . . . or take time to define what best-of-breed means.
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