Stories: Good for Bedtime — Better for Business

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A survey from the Content Marketing Institute confirms what we’ve been trumpeting for a quite a while: The fact that there is nothing like a good story.  According to the survey of 389 marketing decision-makers, companies are looking for engaging and creative storytelling along with professional level writing when they contract with an outsourcing partner for content development.

At By McCormack Public Relations, we believe strongly in the power of a good tale. (No, we’ don’t strum guitars and tell fables at children’s parties. But you might find us reveling in literary fiction and then applying at least some erudite techniques to business copy. Hey, someone has to do it!). Plain and simple, we believe that written communications won’t do any good unless people actually read – and, yes, remember them.  And, we know that people don’t remember all kinds of facts and stats but they do remember a good story.

So, believe it or not, we actually think about things such as plot, imagery and conflict when pulling together case studies, press releases, whitepapers – and the like. You can learn all about our thoughts on the importance of good storytelling in Reader Engagement: What Content Marketers Can Learn from Great Authors, Journalists and Scholars.  To receive a copy of the whitepaper, send an e-mail to

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