Healthcare IT is Ripe for Storytelling

Posted by on September 27, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

When I became a writer, I certainly didn’t plan on practicing the craft in the healthcare IT industry.  But for the past couple of decades, I’ve been going at it with gusto.  And, I’ve finally figured out why I like it so much.

Healthcare IT is tailor-made for storytelling – and that’s what gets a writer’s blood flowing.  Just think about all of the elements of a great story that are naturally inherent in health IT:

Life and death themes. Quite simply, healthcare IT saves human lives.  And, that’s powerful stuff.

A clearly defined hero. All the information technology innovations and solutions out there are certainly worthy of awe and accolades.  While some might be flawed, you’d be hard pressed to find another industry chock full of companies and products designed to do good.

Conflict. There’s plenty of distress, as implementing IT in this complicated industry is not easy.  Cost, workflow and cultural barriers continue to make the journey toward a digital future a challenging one.

Characters. The people who work in health IT are a fascinating bunch – from clinicians to computer programmers to entrepreneurs to executives, their passion shines through again and again.


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