About Us

Writers by nature and marketers by trade, we live to develop and promote stories that lead to business results. That’s simply who we are here at By McCormack Public Relations.

Why should you care? Although the art of storytelling is an ancient one, it’s never been more relevant. In today’s information-crazed world — where decision-makers are constantly bombarded with a cavalcade of competing messages — it’s the truly captivating stories that get all the attention.

Fortunately, By McCormack Public Relations is uniquely qualified to make your story a compelling one. And in the process, we bring results to your healthcare IT content marketing and public relations efforts because we:

  • Understand complex healthcare IT industry issues — making it possible for us to lead your content marketing and public relations initiatives
  • Revel in the art of writing — producing content that decision-makers actually want to read
  • Take pride in turning complicated technical concepts into easy-to-read prose
  • Craft compelling tales in a variety of formats including advertisements, articles, blogs, case studies, press releases, tweets, white papers and more
  • Know what plot lines will resonate with key decision-makers

Are you ready to discuss your healthcare content marketing and public relations needs? Discover how our unique approach can bring life – and results – to your company’s initiatives. Call John McCormack at 708-447-4491.