Content Marketing for Healthcare IT Companies

Our healthcare IT content marketing services will turn your company’s story into a fascinating read. We’ll work with you to pull out all the important details about your service or product and then come up with the right words to make it resonate with key decision-makers.

Because we know so much about the healthcare IT industry, we can hit the ground running. We can quickly come up with engaging, thought-provoking stories that truly hit on key industry trends and issues.

By passing this high-quality, relevant information to your customers and prospects, you will be seen as a trusted industry resource and thought leader. With compelling content, we can help build credibility, establish your brand and get your story the readership it deserves. So when executives need to make those all important decisions about healthcare IT, they’ll turn to you for advice.

Healthcare IT Content Marketing: Advertorials

An advertorial is a paid advertisement that mirrors the editorial content of a publication. Advertorials are successful because people generally give more credibility to editorial content than advertisements. By presenting an advertisement in an “editorial” format, companies can encourage more buy-in and, at the same time, present a more detailed message to potential customers.

Healthcare IT Content Marketing: Articles

Companies frequently need to develop well-written articles to run in trade magazines, in-house publications or newsletters. Armed with years of journalistic experience as well as a thorough knowledge of healthcare information technology, we have the ability to gather, analyze and present the information in a concise and compelling fashion. We also can subtly weave your company’s marketing messages into any article.

Healthcare IT Content Marketing: Case Studies

There’s nothing more powerful than a customer testimonial. With our writing expertise, we can turn a positive customer experience into a compelling story that truly resonates with key decision-makers.

Healthcare IT Content Marketing: Custom Magazines

A custom magazine provides you with a venue to tell your story from different angles. Healthcare IT is a complicated industry with a variety of complex issues. So a custom magazine lets you tell multiple stories to a variety of audiences – all the while lifting your status as an industry thought leader and enforcing your key brand messages.

Healthcare IT Content Marketing: Press Releases

Press releases are used to get your company’s latest news in front of reporters and editors.  Although straightforward on the surface, there’s a real art to successful press release writing. Our press release service gives journalists what they want (short, simple informational releases) while at the same time providing your healthcare IT company with marketing that carries the messages that will eventually sell your products and services.

Healthcare IT Content Marketing: Webinars

Want to have your voice heard? We’ll help you develop the content and script for an effective online program. As such, you can personally show off your expertise on a particular topic as key decision-makers participate via the web.

Healthcare IT Content Marketing: White papers

White papers are used to establish your company’s expertise in a certain area or to position your executives as thought leaders. Typically, white papers are multi-page documents that present a company’s or an executive’s thoughts on critical industry issues. With our combination of healthcare IT industry knowledge, research skills and advanced storytelling capabilities, we can develop whitepapers that truly position your company and executives as leading authorities in the healthcare IT industry.

To learn more about our healthcare IT content marketing services, contact John McCormack at 708-447-4491.