Public Relations for Healthcare IT Companies

Healthcare IT companies need to lean on communications professionals who truly understand the ins-and-outs of a complicated industry. That’s where By McCormack Public Relations shines. With our deep experience in the healthcare IT industry, we can get your company the results you need in quick order.

Because we specialize in healthcare IT, you will never have to explain the challenges associated with electronic health records . . . or decode acronyms such as ARRA, HITECH, HIMSS or HIPAA . . . or take time to define what best-of-breed means.

We already know. As a result, we can produce well-written materials backed by the insight and understanding that can only be gained through years of experience in the healthcare IT industry.

The following four attributes distinguish our healthcare IT public relations services from other offerings:

Specialization. We primarily concentrate on healthcare IT, resulting in a deep understanding of complex industry issues. Because of this niche focus, we don’t just support communications efforts, we provide strategic guidance. In addition, our focus on healthcare IT has enabled us to develop solid relationships with the healthcare reporters and editors who cover the industry.

Storytelling. Writing is our passion — and, therefore, compelling prose is our hallmark. We live to tell stories and believe that doing so is the best way to get your company the attention it needs.

Significance. Public relations can be a powerful tool, if used right.  We work closely with you to tie all communications activities to specific company goals.

Senior Level Talent. Staffed by experienced professionals, we always provide clients with high-quality work. We never contract with companies and then pass the actual work off to junior level professionals.

Healthcare IT Public Relations Services

Media Audit
Through in-depth publication research and one-to-one interviews with editors, we’ll come up with an analysis of the target publications that really matter to your organization along with a list of relevant media opportunities. Then we will develop winning media angles that will pique the interest of key reporters and editors – and garner the media placements that will get you the attention you need. Because we routinely work with the healthcare press, we know what plays—and how to play it. As a result, we can come up with the most winning of media plans.

Distribution & On-Going Media Outreach
As companies move forward with media campaigns, there is a need to keep in constant contact with reporters, distribute press releases, develop databases, pitch article ideas and check on upcoming features. We have the experience and know-how to keep your media programs on track. Plus, we also can leverage our relationships with healthcare reporters and editors to get the most—and best—media placements for your company.

By-lined Articles
Companies frequently need to develop well-written articles to run in trade magazines, in-house publications or newsletters. Armed with years of journalistic experience as well as a thorough knowledge of healthcare information technology and healthcare provider issues, we have the ability to gather, analyze and present the information in a concise and compelling fashion. In addition, we can subtly weave your company’s marketing messages into any article.

Press Releases
Press releases are used to get your organization’s latest news in front of reporters and editors.  Although straightforward on the surface, there’s a real art to successful press release writing. Our press release service gives journalists what they want (short, simple informational releases) while at the same time providing your healthcare IT company with a marketing tool that carries the messages that will eventually sell your products and services.

Pitch Letters
Pitch letters are used to pique reporters’ interest in your company’s story. Typically, pitch letters are developed to gain article placements and/or interview opportunities. These letters are often customized to appeal to specific publications. We take pride in writing the pitches that result in the media placements that you need.

For a free assessment of your healthcare public relations strategy, call John McCormack at 708-447-4491.